Sample menu 1

Grilled goats cheese and apple tatine on a salad of mache and walnuts with raspberry vinaigrette

Tornedos of pork fillet with a Chablis and seed mustard sauce and sauteed herby potatoes

Orange blossum creme brulee

cheese...Saint Agur / Brie de meaux

 Sample menu 2

          Thai style salad of king prawns and mango with chilli, lime and mint

    Yellow curry of chicken, aubergines, sweet potato and coconut milk with bean shoot salad and steamed jasmine rice

Key lime pie with ginger crust and creme fraiche

cheese...Tomme de Savoie / Valancey

Sample menu 3 

Breaded queen scallops with tomato and red onion salsa and saffron aioli

Roasted fillet of beef with black pepper, congac and cream Lyonaise potato stacks

Chocolate fondant with thick cream and raspberries

cheese...Roquefort / Saint Felicien


     Sample menu 4

Seared foie gras on toasted brioche with pear and a honey and ginger glaze

Roasted Dourade (Sea bream) with Provencale herbs /  Noilly Prat sauce / slow roasted ratatouille

Vanilla parfait with grilled figs

cheese...crottin de chevre / Bresse bleu

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